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Checkbox not checked for SetChangedOnPublished CMS 12



I have got requirements from our customer that they want the checkbox for "Update modificationdate" is always checked and their editors is responsibile to uncheck it in that cases they not want to update the change dates. 

The version of optimizely CMS is 12.11.x

I already know that I can use IContent.Publising event for setting it per automatic in the backend but the user don't see if it's checked or not, is this even possible to do and if it is have you some direction you can point me to?

A plan B I have is to change the text on the checkbox so it has the label "Don't update modification date" and then my secondary question is where i can find dokumentation fo the <episerver><cms> elements for localization. 

Great Regards


Jan 25, 2023 14:46

In CMS11 their was a configuration "uIDefaultValueForSetChangedOnPublish" which could be set to "true" for the checkbox in question to be checked by default.

According to this thread and Quan's response the options has been removed in CMS12 so might be worth asking Optimizely Support for a more detailed explanation why and if it will be coming back (See thread :  SetChangedOnPublish property doesnt seem to work | Optimizely Dev

Jan 25, 2023 18:28
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