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Configure fallback language for folders


We want to use a fallback language for parts of a site, and that works well for pages.

However, even though the content areas indeed fall back to the fallback language, the actual blocks do not - unless they're in the "For this page" folder of a page for which fallback language is enabled.

Editing an asset folder directly (through `/EPiServer/CMS/?language=de#context=epi.cms.contentdata:///some-folder-id`) yields a folder-specific editing UI that simply presents the folder structure without access to the "Language Settings" option.

So, is there a way to specify a fallback language for a folder to have it apply to all content in that folder?

We can't set a fallback language for the Root page, as we don't want the same fallback behavior for all sites.

We also don't want to have to specify a fallback language for each block individually - there are hundreds, if not thousands... 🙈

Nov 21, 2023 14:36

As far as I know this must be done per implementation of each block? Same issue with MediaData etc since they are global and don't (necessarily) belong to a specific site, the exception is the one you mention where they have a parent.

I haven't tried but it may be possible to organize your blocks in a different way when using the Multi-Channel Content gadget. That way you can structure blocks, I do not know if language settings are propagated or not, I do not know if these blocks will work with your templates (and so on). I have never succeded in having ContentFolders carrying language information that will be inherited by children, or any other properties for that matter. That's why we always create our own "FolderPageType"...

Anyway, there might be something useful with this


Edited, Nov 21, 2023 23:15

Thanks for the suggestions, Eric! I'd rather not invent custom ways of working for editors, even though the "FolderPageType" approach would do the trick. I'll let you know if I come up with something smart - but for now it feels like we'll have to hook up an event to automatically set language fallback for new blocks depending on their parent folder... 🤷

Nov 22, 2023 8:06
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