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How to Migrate Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) website content into Optimizely cms 12 website ?


I need to migrate the content of a website which is built on AEM (Adobe experience manager) cms into Optimizely cms 12. please provide the all possible ways how to do this activity ?

Jul 18, 2023 11:41
Richard Baylis - Jul 18, 2023 14:01
Afternoon Yogesh Kumar
My name is Richard Baylis and I work within Expert Services at Optimizely.
We can definitely support you, can you confirm when your available for a chat. My direct email is

Yogesh Kumar - Jul 24, 2023 4:31
Hi Richard Baylis,

Thanks for quick response and pardon me for late reply.
I have mailed you on you mail id mentioned by you, I am available now . Please message once you are free, we can connect and discuss further on this activity. I need this activity to be done and your help is much appreciated.

The best approach depends on your requirements and precisley what you mean by migrate?

  • Is this a one-off migration activity, meaning you are replacing AEM with Optimizely?
  • Is this an integration meaning you want to use both AEM and Optimizely?

If it is the former, then the majority of effort required is a content mapping phase so you understand in detail

  1. What content you need to migrate and what data is associated with each type of content. Optimizely CMS understands three borad types of content. Page, Block and Assets
  2. What the required content structure you require is

The actual development then becomes two parts

  1. Exporting content from AEM. I am not sure what format AEM allows, it is often propratery as there are no agreed stanadrd for content definition interoperability
  2. Importing Content to Optimizely. Optimizely has its own propretary Import standard based on XML, which allows upload of content packages through the UI. However a common approach is to export into an intermediate format, then build tooling to take the intermediate format content / map and upload either via the Optimizely SDK (c#) or via the COntent Management API's (meaning you could build your tooling in any language)

Good luck!

Jul 19, 2023 8:48
Surjit Bharath - Jul 19, 2023 15:01
Sorry I didn't realise you'd already replied! I'm getting bitten by this cached pages issue again!!

Unless I'm mistaken I dont think there's a straight import / export facility between AEM and Optimizely.

You'll need to write a custom ETL. I'm sure AEM provides some sort of API for the extraction but for importing, you'd use the Content Management API to create new content in Optimizely CMS.

You could also create new content definitions via the Content Definition API. More often than that you'd usually have a backend team whos already created the content structure because its dictating the editor experience for your channels (most commonly website). Just depends on your use case. Here's some links for the APIs.

Jul 19, 2023 15:00
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