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Partial routing not working (custom Controller not being executed)



I'm in the process of migrating my clients epi 11 site to epi 12 and they have a bunch of virtual pages that they acces via partial routing.

I've managed to migrate the IPartialRouter<>-classes and they are executed correctly but the controllers for the virtual pages are never executed.

Just to make sure that I wasn't doing anything wrong i followed the guide here: and basically copy/pasted the code but the same problem arrise even with that example code. The controller isn't executed and all I get is a 404-error.

Is there something missing here? The guide is three months old so if there's some breaking changes from when that guide was published it needs to be updated.

Aug 03, 2023 9:05

Sounds like the partial router is properly registered, since they can execute.

Are you sure the partial router is returning an object of the same content type as your controller expects? Because after the routing, Optimizely searches the usual way for a controller to render the content.

Aug 04, 2023 15:32

Very sure, I created an alloy site and copy/pasted the code from the guide just to make sure that I didn't have any other code that could interfere. 

Aug 04, 2023 18:06
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