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Site timeout when SQL restarts on CMS 12.21



We are in the process of updating from version 10.x to 12.21. 

On our test server, the SQL db is backed up every night. After this happens, the site times out and is unresponsive until manually restarted. CPU usage is increased by 30-40% and staying there until IIS is restarted. 

We get no errors in the logs what so ever, even with increased logging level. Not in EventViewer either.

We had a similar (but as we believe, different) issue when running a scheduled job that took about an hour to complete. Memory usage increased (as expected), but seemed to reach a limit and after that timed out. However in that case, it seemed to recycle memory by itself and the site became responsive again after approx 5-10 min. However after more memory was allocated to the test server we did not have this issue again. I do believe this was a separate issue (as in the above case memory usage is idle at about 65%), but worth mentioning in the context.

Has anybody experienced the same? Any ideas?

Edited, Aug 11, 2023 11:23

Hi Anton,

Not something we have experienced before, however a couple of questions come to mind.

Why do you need to restart the db nightly? 

If you are restarting the db why not also restart the iis sites also?



Aug 11, 2023 11:32

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the quick answer. In fact my initial statement was wrong - the db is not restarted every night, it is just backed up every night.

Aug 11, 2023 11:47

I would suggest to reach out to support service. there are a few things that would be essential for diagnosing:

  • profiler trace, like Application Insight traces
  • Memory dump of the amp

My gut feeling is that this is not db related, maybe a scheduled job that hogs memory. but we'll need to check

Aug 11, 2023 13:00
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