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Create Return in UI, cant find it


Im on latest 14.5.2

in this doc, you should be able to have an option on the item's context menu then Create Return  Returns and exchanges – Support Help Center (

I dont have that option in any environment nor versions. Is that an Opt-in thingy?

Nov 22, 2023 12:58

Not sure what menu did you mean? Can you compare between yours and the document side by side?

Nov 22, 2023 14:42

Must be a status thing...

all orders are final status shipped.

Should be completed, but there is no such button in the UI is there?

Nov 22, 2023 15:21

The process to complete an order is as following. after placing an order, the shipment is in awaiting inventory status 

release it, then

Add to picklist (i.e. handle over to courier). Now it should be in Packing, then you can complete it

Nov 22, 2023 15:58

Thank you very mucho for the explaination. Will try to figure it out.

I do not get Release (only Edit and Cancel)

There is other problems with this solution, I get "Cannot convert selected shipping's currency(USD) to the target currency(NOK)." in the UI when saving the Shippingform on csr/api/orders/13593/forms/13593/shipments/13593/shippingmethod

and Incorrect authorization total. Expected: 0,000000000, but Actual is: 259,00. on /csr/api/orders/13594/forms/13594/shipments/13594/shipmentstatus/Shipped

How can i add a comment on IShipment by API here after -> IShipment returnShipment = _purchaseOrderFactory.CreateReturnShipment(orderShipment);

Nov 22, 2023 16:37

One possible reason for unavailable release is that you don't have enough quantity for all items in the shipment.

Regarding comment, you ... can't. Comment is part of the ReturnOrderForm, so you have to get the parent OrderForm of the return shipment and set the ReturnComment there 

Nov 22, 2023 16:46

thanks, the solution only got ENGLISH shipping methods (USD) and no Norwegian Methods, this needs some configurations ... will look in to it.

Nov 22, 2023 16:53
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