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Order Management Access to Non-Admin User



I'm trying to provide Order Management access to a user, he just have CustomerManager access currenlty. 

Only the Order Management access needs to be provided. I have tried to add rights with help of Permissions for Funcions. to the Order Manager and Order Supervisor roles and assigned the same roles to the user, but still the changes are not reflecting, user is not able to access the Order Managerment tab,

Points to be considered:

We may not be able to provide any Kind of Admin access(WebAdmins, CommerceAdmins,..)

Without any Admin roles we may have to acive this req,

Can anyone face similer issue/req, any advise?



Aug 17, 2023 17:23

Perhaps the doc was not up to date. the role you need to give is "CustomerServiceRepresentatives" to access to order management 

Aug 17, 2023 19:15

we have similar request to give read access to commerce pages => "Customers" & "Order Management". We add user from "Permissions to functions" but its not reflecting. You mentioned role CustomerServiceRepresentatives . Do we need do this programatically? 

Oct 27, 2023 9:11

No you don't have to do it programatically - you can, but you can just assign the role using admin UI 

then assign the users to that group

Oct 27, 2023 9:58


I Quan , thanks

I created a group "CustomerServiceRepresentatives" & assigned this group to my test user .

Now i see "Order Management" page has come under "Commerce"


All the default groups under any function in permissions for functions have dissappeared. It this normal behaviour? I just did this on integration but can test on local environment



Edited, Oct 27, 2023 11:04

I'm not quite sure about "All the default groups under any function in permissions for functions have dissappeared. " - can you add some screenshots to elaborate ?

Oct 27, 2023 11:33

adding CustomerServiceRepresentatives just shows "Order management" button in commerce user doesnt see any cart or order or subscription.

In our DXp and local environment i see alert ( is not a function)

Link to screenshot

Nov 01, 2023 12:37

if you open the browser console, is there any error? anything in log? 

Nov 01, 2023 13:46

Yes, there are console errors in OrderManagement

Here is the link to screenshot

Nov 01, 2023 14:33

as you can see the file was blocked - sounds like something in your end (proxy/firewall maybe?), not related to the permission/access right settings 

Nov 01, 2023 14:48

I tested if this local error is due to firewall but i see exactly same console error even on integration environment. 

Nov 01, 2023 14:52
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