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Deleted submissions don't get removed from DDS



I'm having issues deleting form submissions from the DDS. Submissions are stored in the tblBigTable with a store name of 'FormData_guid'. I use the statement below for deleting submission data from the DDS.

SubmissionInfo is populated from SubmitActionResult.Data and formIdentity is created with new FormIdentity(formInfo.FormGuid, submissionInfo.FormLanguage). They seem to point to the right data, but apparently I'm missing something because the submission data (records) remain in the table and the DeleteSubmissionData doesn't throw any errors.

FormDataRepository.DeleteSubmissionData(formIdentity, new[] { submissionInfo.SubmissionId.ToString() });

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated :)

Apr 01, 2020 11:48
valdis - Apr 01, 2020 19:37
Are you able to run SQL Profiler and see what's been executed against storage?

Yes, I've run Profiler and I can see statements and SP's being executed for storing the submission but no delete statement or any delete SP executed.

If I delete from the 'Form submissions' page in Epi I can see the delete SP being executed in the Profiler:

exec [dbo].[BigTableDeleteItem] @StoreId=2008
Apr 03, 2020 9:37
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