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EPiServer Forms Samples - ReCaptcha Not Rendering on form.



I'm trying to add a ReCaptcha to a form created through the EPiServer.Forms plugin. From my understanding it should be as simple as adding the EPiServer.Forms.Samples package and while I can see the ReCaptcha element, add it to my form content and enter the site/secret keys in the element's settings it's not showing up on the actual form even though it seems to be somewhat functional as it's giving me a validation error when I try to submit my form:

Before submission:

After submission:

The element does seem to be there but it's just not showing. When I inspect the source I'm finding this block of HTML:

<div id="5c62f856-6ee9-412c-ab7b-29eec2521ae7" class="Form__Element Form__CustomElement FormRecaptcha" data-epiforms-element-name="__field_3301" data-epiforms-sitekey="[MY-SITE-KEY]-IBoCxsto">
	<span role="alert" aria-live="polite" data-epiforms-linked-name="__field_3301" class="Form__Element__ValidationError" style="display:none;">

My guess is the scripts/styling aren't somehow being loaded. I noticed there's an inline script that contains a variable for additional scripts/styling that's trying to extend them into the EPiServer Form but I'm not seeing them in my sources/history settings or any 404 errors in my console:

Has anyone experienced a similar issue before? If it helps here are teh versions I'm using for the CMS/Forms/Forms Samples:

CMS Version - 11.15.1
EPiServer.Forms Version - 4.30.4
EPiServer.Forms.Samples Version - 3.7.0

Thank you in advance for any help.

Edited, Jun 13, 2022 14:22

Just a quick update but I am sure the problem is the scripts aren't being loaded. I moved jquery-ui.modified.js and EPiServerFormsSample.js out of the ViewMode folder and went to my form page. No 404 console errors.

Is there something that could be causing $$epiforms.extend to not load the resources or do it too late?

Jun 13, 2022 19:53

Have you configured it to add keys? See below link for more information.

If yes, then in google's account have you configured to allow your domain (if it's not completely unrestricted)?

Jul 12, 2022 2:04

Hi, we're currently experiencing the same issue. It's also not clear to us, how to choose the old style recaptcha (ie text/click based validation) or the more lowkey v3 version. 

Jul 18, 2022 10:13

Do you want to use the old version of recaptcha? The following post may help you.

Edited, Jul 18, 2022 13:29
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