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Regex Validation on Text Area form elements


Does the regex validator act as a whitelist or a blacklist?
I'm still confused by how to use it properly.
I want to NOT allow end users to enter URLs into a text area element.
Should I be looking to create a regex that defines what I allowing or what I want to exclude.
I can't seem to get it working either way.

Feb 08, 2024 0:00

The regex validator acts as a whitelist in that the string the user enters must match the regex entered so you would have to create a regex which defines what you want to allow. Specifying a string you don't want to appear is quite a bit trickier than specifying what you do want to see but it should be possible with a negative lookahead operator or similar, something like this: ^((?!:\/\/).[\r\n]*)*$

Feb 08, 2024 14:58
LarryVictorio - Feb 08, 2024 17:02
Thanks Paul, this is awesome. Just to clarify, this pattern is looking for strings that don't contain :// correct?
Paul Gruffydd - Feb 08, 2024 17:12
Yep. That's correct.
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