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Handeling when the Find service is down


It seems EPiServer hosting is having some problems with their Find indexes today which ended up crippeing our test-enviroment somewhat.

Of course the search itself dident work but since the find services is called so often it also seemed to hog alot of threads that was just waiting for timeouts, making the rest of the site very slow.

My question is; do you handle theese kind of scenarios in any way?

I have used the Circuit breaker design pattern ( previusly when talking to external resources to protect the site from timouts. It would be posible to do this in the code that is talking to Find but then there is the CMS-integration and I guess Im screwed there ...

Any thoughts?

Sep 18, 2013 13:22

As you said circuit breaker design pattern is what you must do for third party system you do not control. I have seen a lot of issues like that with Epi.Find, so fall-backs for times when find breaks.

About CMS integration part, either run its scheduled job more often(nightly), if that is not enough then as you said you must listen to page change events and index everything yourself, do retries and ....., but then where is the fun of using already ready tool that should take no effort and just work.

You are not only one I would like to hear some great ideas as well.

PS. my experience is with epi.find for CMS6

Sep 18, 2013 20:29
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