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Filter to support Fallback language


Hi I have the following filter where i have to match the language and category id to get the Articles.

So for example get me all Articles that have en-GB languageBranch and Category ID 20 Or en-GB languageBranch and Category ID 21 and so forth e.t.c.

How can i modify this filter to handle fallback language for example en-AU language branch or other fallback languages? If the Article that doesnt exist in en-GB with Catgegory ID 21 , than return the Article with en-AU and Catgeory ID 21. No matter what i do i get duplicate articles for Catgeory Id 21 (One in en-GB and one in en-AU)

public static ITypeSearch<T> MatchCategories<T>(this ITypeSearch<T> search, string languageBranch, List<int> categories) where T : PageData
var taxonomyBuilder = search.Client.BuildFilter<T>();

foreach (var category in categories)
taxonomyBuilder = taxonomyBuilder.Or(x => x.LanguageBranch.MatchCaseInsensitive(languageBranch) & x.Category.Match(category));

return search.orFilter(taxonomyBuilder);

Jun 24, 2019 14:21

Hi Rich,

By default Episerver support language fallback if you use the UnifiedSearch.

Please refer this for more info-



Edited, Jun 25, 2019 15:24

Hi Thanks,  i am aware of the thread you shared. My question is doing it through filter as its the requirement of the query i am developing. As you can see from the code its the OrFilter and i have to handle fallback language scenario in the filter.

Jun 25, 2019 15:36

Can you not just do:

return search.PublishedInLanguage(languageBranch).OrFilter(taxonomyBuilder) ?

Removing the language branch tests in your filter.

Haven't tested, but should work. 



Edited, Jun 25, 2019 16:29
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