.Net Client constructor in 14.0, no fromconfig method?


Hey all,

I'm finding that the CONSTRUCTOR for the .Net Client API in 14.0.4 no longer has a static method to build the client.

I can get my code like below to SEARCH, but when I then try a filter like below. I get a Null Reference before I even call out to HTTP

Any ideas? How do correctly construct the Client to THEN put it into DI?

            FindOptions options = new FindOptions
                ServiceUrl = "https://es-us-api01.episerver.com/xxxxxx/",
                DefaultIndex = "yyyyyyyy"

            IOptions<FindOptions> opts = new OptionsWrapper<FindOptions>(options);

            MemoryCacheOptions memoptns = new MemoryCacheOptions();
            IOptions<MemoryCacheOptions> memopts = new OptionsWrapper<MemoryCacheOptions>(memoptns);

            var find = new Client(opts, new RuntimeCacheAdapter(new MemoryCache(memopts)));

          var searchQuery = find.Search<RemoteHostedContentItem>()
                .Filter(x => x.SearchTitle.Match("miso"));

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