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How to turn off the built-in personalization for Unified search?



We are using the unified search for the public page search, today we noticed that the search results starts to differ when the visitors login.
I don't find any settings for how to turn this behavior off and we are using the filterForPublicSearch set to true on the GetResult() method.

Also one behavior that I noticed was that SearchClient.Instance.Statistics().GetDidYouMean(query) only gives back results if the user is logged in.

Feels like I'm missing some major concept here and the search get really bad for the logged in users right now.

Any tips on how to change this?

We are using CMS Find 16.0.2


Edited, Mar 28, 2024 8:11

Setting filterForPublicSearch will give back most of my search results.
Im starting to guess that unified search does something connected to with language branches and by logging in the user gets tagged with a language and therefore gets no hits while the anonym visitor gets the default language.

And the statistics-apis are also connected to these language categories, would explain why I only get results while logged in from the DidYouMean(query) method.

We only have one language on the page (Swedish) and we are already providing the language during search by doing this:

                .For(query, x => x.Analyzer = Language.Swedish.SynonymAnalyzer);

I guess that I still need to set the language of logged in users to the default which allows them to get the regular search results, but then again the DidYouMean would stop working.

Mar 28, 2024 9:40

By default UnifiedSearch will return results on content that the user has read access. Do you have sections within your site where the "Everyone" group doesn't have read access?

The Statistics API relies on click tracking. Have you enabled automatic click tracking for search queries using the Track() method? E.g. 

Apr 21, 2024 23:44
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