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Visitor group fallback content


Maybe I'm not getting something. But wouldn't it be nice to be able to specify alternative content for when a visitor group is NOT matched. This can be done today by creating another Visitor group Y and specifying that it is for people NOT in visitor group X. But it would feel more convenient and intuitive if you could just specify alternate content directly in the editor/dialog. If you leave the alternative content empty it would work exactly as today.

Dec 16, 2010 14:46


If I understand you correctly , that should be possible using the "Content Group".

First you select some content in the editor and add some personalized content for some visitor groups. In the same dialog, you can set a "Content Group". After that content add, some more content and enable it as personalized content. In the dialog, don't select any visitor group, but set the same "Content Group" as the other personalized content. That should create the fallback you desire.

Basically, the "Content Group" let's you chain personalized content. Only one personalized content will be shown from the same content group.


Per Gunsarfs
EPiServer Development Team

Dec 16, 2010 16:32

Its an interesting idea. However my personal feeling is that visitor groups are for content that should only appear if you match the criteria. If the criteria is not matched then its up to the editors to decide what experience the user has and not for the CMS to dictate that they must enter some alternative/fallback content.

I've been experimenting myself and find visitor groups great for adding content around some core content rather than wholesale replacement.

It wholly depends on usage but I think this control should be left to the editors rather than building in a feature that may be redundant depending on editor preferences/usage.

Dec 16, 2010 16:34

@Per thanks for the info, I hadn't experimented with the "Content Group" functionality but guessed it was as you described. 

Dec 16, 2010 16:51

Per, I get it now. *slow* That is even better, so you can show different things to several different groups (as well as non-matches), not just match or non-match as was my first thought.

David, I absolutely see a need to alternate personalized content, not just add content when there's a match. Say for example you show the closest dealer for a product based on the visitor's location.

Dec 16, 2010 17:40
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