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Upgrade a SDK site?

How should I upgrade a site created with the SDK package? Is copy/paste and web.config-dif that is the best solution? What about DB changes? Any ideas? Best practice?
Jan 28, 2008 8:58
Hi Thomas! I recommend that you use EPiServer Manager to setup the web site in production (without installing the public template). You could use the Publish Web Tool in Visual Studio to get all files you need to deploy in a nice package. Publish to a folder and drop the content on the empty site installed by EPiServer Manager. You can choose if you want to use backup and restore of the development database to the production server or EPiServer's export and import tool. In the first case with backup and restore you must also move the content of you VPP folders. When you do export related files are put into the package. In some cases you want a clean start and only export the page types and re-create the content. The web.config file is always a problem. I would recommend merging in changes from your SDK web.config into the one installed by EPiServe Manager. Regards, Fredrik Haglund, INEXOR AB -
Jan 29, 2008 10:33
I was thinking of this scenario: * I develop on my laptop using R1 * After a while it gets transferred to production (installed using the Manager) and a filetransfer/EPi-export from my laptop * Then EPiServer releases SP1 * The production site gets the update via EPiServer Manager * Now: How do I update the development site on my laptop? What I did: * Installed the new SDK * Created a new (blank) site * Copy/Paste all the EPiServer spesific folders to my project * At the production site: Got the .sql-file for upgrading the database (in \Program Files\EPiServer\) * Executed the .sql on my R1 database * Diff on new and old web.config I think that EPiServer should have released in the SDK the .sql for upgrading as well as a TechNote or something on how to do this correctly. I would not be surprised if I missed some files or configuration.
Jan 31, 2008 22:55
Hi! You can always move your site between VS/Casini and IIS so that you can access it in the manager to be able to upgrade it. Here's a page that describes how: ps. I think that the manager does not upgrade the toolbox in VS so if you use it you have to upgrade it manually but I'm not sure how thats done. Perhaps a SDK-installation package with the SP1 version on the same computer solves it? ds.
Feb 01, 2008 9:35
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