Pagemirroring, pagechanged

Hi, When using pagemirroring, the pagechanged property of the mirrored page is set to the time when the page is mirrored. This is devastating to a site that wishes to sort its content after what information was last updated. The reason is that the mirroring service does not mirror the pages in the order they were changed and that it creates a new pagechanged date for the mirrored page. In my opinion, it should not do this, basically because you are mirroring a page (copying. The analogy of copying a file seems appropriate.. The file gets a new create date (similar to published-property), but modified is not changed (similar to changed-property). A workaround we probably will use, is to have our own dateproperty to sort by, and ourselves handle the update of this on publishing events on the source site, but this shouldn't be necessary, in my opinion.
Nov 15, 2005 9:55
This is pretty much like the problem that there is no way to blank/empty a dynamic property that has been set higher in the tree. When mirroring only properties that are null/empty on the mirroring page is mirrored from the mirror page. This makes it difficult to mirror properties that is metadata for a page as PageName, Created, CreatedBy, Changed and so on. I think that this should be considered for future versions, some extra parameters on properties that makes it possible to specify what to do with a specific property. For example in the case of mirroring get an extra checkbox for all properties in editmode that lets the editor to decide wich properties to mirror. In the case of PageName, in some cases it's nice to be able to have a specific name of the mirroring page but in other cases it's bad when you want to reflect the actual name. I think this will be a bigger problem as the systems tends to be more complex. /HAXEN
Nov 16, 2005 8:36
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