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Commerce Manager - Business Foundation - Custom Object - Menu item


Is it possible to get a menu (item) for a list of a custom made business object?
Steps to retrace: 
1. Add a new one-to-many relationship to the customer in Commerce Manager, Administration, Business Foundation. 
2. Use that user to go the customer and click on the new clickable menu item on the left. 
3. Add or create a new item and assign it to the customer 
4. Click the item 
5. Click Go Back To List 
Wanted feature: have the link that is shown in step 5 in a menu overview, so we can quickly search and navigate through the list without having to click through customers.

If you click a one-to-many item, you go the window like in "Back to list example", and when you click the "Back to list" item you see the window like in "New menu item for one-to-many example". It would be nice if a new menu item could be present (like in the image below). Also with the right roles (this could be the same for all custom business foundation objects). Right now this window is restricted with the roles businessfoundation:contact:list:permission, businessfoundation:contact:view:permission and the commerce manager login role.



Jun 13, 2019 13:28

Thank you for your suggestion, however, as a rule of thumb we will not implement new features in Commerce Manager/Business Foundation.

//We might still do this, but it is unlikely at this point.

Jun 13, 2019 14:04

Hi Quan,

Thanks for you reply!

Can you tell me why this is?

Jun 13, 2019 14:08

Our direction is to get away from Commerce Manager, as you can see we are investing big into new features to replace CM, such as the new Order Management (CSR UI)

Business Foundation is more complicated, but we also intent to leave it as-is. 

It's all about ROI - we want to do a lot of things but given the resources and time we have to put our effort into places where it matters the most. Is the thing you suggested helpful? Yes. Is it important enough for a majority of customers? Probably not. CM and BF are also legacy code base, which means making changes and making sure of those changes are not breaking other things, take a lot of time. When it comes to prioritization then that would mean it is very unlikely to be implemented.

Edited, Jun 13, 2019 14:27

Thanks for the info.

The Order Management functionality looks very nice and I am looking forward to see it out of beta.

As you say you will leave BF as-is, will Business Foundation still be supported with CSR UI?

Jun 17, 2019 10:08

By "leave BF as-is", I meant we currently have no plan to remove it in the near future, but also no further development (exceptions are critical and security bugs, if any). So it's very unlikely that it will be supported in CSR UI.

Jun 17, 2019 11:44
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