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Optimizely KB for experimentation products is moving!

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The Optimizely Documentation Team is actively consolidating both user and developer documentation for all Optimizely products into two sites:

User and support documentation:

Developer documentation:

The main benefits of this consolidation are:

  • Focused sites for users and developers that contain documentation for all Optimizely products
  • Better comment, notification and suggested edit functionality
  • Integration with the support site and other tools to improve the documentation experience


The first phase of this consolidation is to move the Optimizely KB for experimentation content from to the support site. The team completed this move and the content is now available on the support site:

Upcoming phases between now and the end of the year include moving Optimizely Data Platform user and developer documentation to the new sites, migrating user guide content from web help to the support site and transferring developer documentation from Optimizely World to the developer documentation site.

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Last updated: Nov 09, 2021

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