Optimizely - update 372

Release summary

New release of Optimizely PIM (Beta). Bug fixes for Optimizely A/B testing.

Released items July 6, 2021

Area ID Type Description Released
  AB Testing: RemoteCacheSignal; sometimes the timer's callback was called before the timer completed initialization

The System.Threading.Timer in RemoteCacheSignal was initialized with dueTime set to 0 in RemoteCacheSignal.Monitor() method. This sometimes led to the Timer's callback being called immediately when the Timer object had not finished initialization and some of its properties were still null. However, the callback tried to access the Timer with Change() method and this led to a null reference exception and sometimes crashed the web server.

EPiServer.Marketing.Testing 2.6.8;
Jul 06, 2021

PIM_32.svgOptimizely PIM

  • PIM 0.6.1 
    • With the Optimizely PIM integration, you can manage detailed product information, and synchronize the data to Commerce. You can install and configure Optimizely PIM (Product Information Management) for Optimizely Commerce. See Optimizely Commerce-PIM integration (Beta).

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