Optimizely - update 406

Release summary

Bug fixes for Optimizely Content Cloud and Optimizely Forms.

Released items June 14, 2022

Area ID Type Description Released
  Forms in CMS 12 not allowing for .bank email addresses

Fixed an issue where form validation did not let the form be submitted in CMS 12.

EPiServer.Forms 5.2.0;
Jun 14, 2022
  Bug: Episerver.Forms 5.0.1 (CMS 12)

Fixed an issue where the site crashed when an unhandled exception occurred in IExternalSystem.Datasources on a form that was put in as content on a page.

EPiServer.Forms 5.2.0;
Jun 14, 2022
  Searching for page includes Content Assets folder unnecessarily

Fixed an issue where the content selector searched the content assets folder (For this block/For this page) even though it should search only PageData types when you created a link from a block to a page.

EPiServer.CMS.UI 11.36.8;
Jun 14, 2022

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