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Configuring the new page auto-save function in CMS 6 R2

CMS 6 R2 comes with a handy new page auto-save function which as the name suggests automatically saves draft copies of a page when it is being edited. If the browser should then crash before you have a chance to save your changes in the normal way, next time you log-in, you will be presented with a small pop-up to say that you have a draft copy of a page which can be recovered.

By default a page draft will be automatically saved after 1 minute and then updated every 1 minute after that. The draft will be kept for 3 days and then automatically deleted.

These two values can be changed by adding settings to the episerver site settings section in the episerver.config file. Both should be in the format that can be parsed to a System.TimeSpan.

The following example changes the auto save interval to 10 seconds and the draft retain period to 20 days

<episerver xmlns="http://EPiServer.Configuration.EPiServerSection">
        <siteSettings autoSaveInterval="0:0:10" draftRetainPeriod="20.0:0:0" />
Mar 04, 2011

( By Eric, 3/4/2011 11:21:38 PM)

hopefully this stuff will be in the documantation or sdk as well? :)

( By Eric, 3/4/2011 11:22:36 PM)

hmm i dont think the commentsystem is working alright..?

Atul Kumar
( By Atul Kumar, 5/26/2011 2:15:32 PM)

HI Paul

I entered these two tags in Webconfig file in SiteSettings.But i cannot able to see this feature.
I have to do something else in configuration.I tried this after killing an browser instance but next time not able to see any popup.

Thanks in Advance!
( By, 2/14/2014 11:12:32 AM)

This feature is obselete from CMS 7.5

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