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Optimizely Software Services

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This section contains service descriptions for Optimizely's Software Services. Select a Service in the left navigation to find out more.

The table below details where Personally Identifiable Information (PII)/Personal Data is processed and/or stored. Sensitive personal information and protected health information cannot be uploaded, processed or stored by Customers in any of our Software Services.

* - Some jurisdictions regard IP addresses and email addresses as PII/PD

Service Description PII Data is Processed Summary
CMS, Customized Commerce Y Provides a multi-lingual enterprise search & navigation engine, a delivery network, web application firewall, and managed services. It includes at least one service instance serving one code base that can be deployed across sever environments for deployment stages.
Configured Commerce Y Provides a business to business commerce service enabling selling to organizations.
Content Recommendations, Product Recommendations Y * Provides personalization for each visitor's online experience, one-to-one in real-time across all channels including but not limited to online, mobile, email, in-store, call center, personalized catalogs and print. Search results also display personalized ranking.
Experimentation Y * Web Experimentation provides an web experimentation service allowing multiple experiments to run on any web experience. Full Stack Experimentation provides an web experimentation service allowing multiple experiments to run on any web experience including mobile channels and other digital channels. Including the ability to progressively rollout new features.
Content Marketing Platform (CMP) Y * Provides services to orchestrate content and campaign creation to be published across all channels.
Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) Y Track and understand customer and segments, coupled with activation capabilities and integrations to optimize customer experience and lifetime value.
Optimizely Journey Orchestration Y Rach prospects and customers based on a 360-degree view of their, activate through email, SMS/MMS and web/app push notifications.
Visitor Intellengence Y Provides views into profile and event data in the digital marketing platform (DMP), collected across all channels, including but not limited to online, mobile, and email. The data can be enriched from other channels such as in-store and call center.
Campaign Y Provides software as a service (SaaS) solution for omnichannel marketing that lets customers send advertisements, newsletters, and other information electronically to contacts (such as contractual partners and interested parties). Customers can also evaluate dispatch statistics.
Search & Navigation Y * Provides an enterprise site search service for faceted navigation, guided search, and behavioral boosting with real-time analytics in support of best bets, synonyms, and auto-complete functionality.
Community API Y * Provides and cloud-based micro-service for modeling and managing community-generated content. It includes an easy-to-use API.
Managed Services Y Provides a base of standard service components and many optional services to expertly customize a solution to customer requirements.
Premium Support Options N/A Provides optional services: Customer Service Level Manager, Named Technical Advisor, 24/7/365 Service Request Availability, Service Level Objectives (SLO) upgrade to Service Level agreement (SLA), and Initial Response Time Priority 1 Incident.
RACI Matrix N/A Provides roles and responsibilities for Optimizely services. 
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Last updated: Jun 09, 2021

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