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Blogging on Optimizely World

To create a blog on Optimizely World, you need to register an account, click on Register in the top menu. By doing this, you also agree to that Optimizely can store and process your personal data as described in Optimizely Privacy Policy.

Blogging rules

  • Optimizely World blogs are about helping other Optimizely users and developers, and should therefore refer to Optimizely-related contexts.
  • You are responsible for the content. That means that you are the lawful publisher. However, since you are blogging using our site and brand name, Optimizely reserve the right to freely remove any content we find inappropriate.
  • You are not allowed to express negative objections on any of our competitors. 
  • You are welcome to express constructive feedback about Optimizely products and services.

See also About Optimizely World and Terms of use.

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