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David Drouin-Prince

David Drouin-Prince

 Alias: David Drouin-Prince
 Company: Verndale
 Location: Canada

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Level: Citizen
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Syndicated blog - Posted on: Jul 08, 2024

Optimizely CMS offers you to create partial routers. This concept allows you display content differently depending on the routed content in the URL...

Syndicated blog - Posted on: Jan 23, 2024

NDepend has been around for quite a long time . If you are unaware of what it does, you should be checking it. It's an analysis tools which helps y...

Syndicated blog - Posted on: Jan 18, 2024

Developing an Optimizely CMS Add-on can be a bit tricky. There is a lot of advantages of doing it, but building it right can be a bit tedious. You...

Syndicated blog - Posted on: Oct 01, 2023

We have multiple clients configured with Azure Active Directory (Microsoft Entra) for requiring authentication when accessing their website. The...

Syndicated blog - Posted on: Jul 01, 2023

Quan Mai is right , there is another official way to load organizations and contacts under Optimizely Commerce using the famous static class...