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EPiServer 7 - The Story So Far

We are currently working on the market preparations for EPiServer 7 CMS and a key part of this process has been to involve our community to gather feedback. This article contains the feedback we have received so far and we hope it proves to be useful for all developers eager to start implementing the new functionality on their customers' websites.

EPiServer 7 CMS Blogs - From the People Who Really Know...

After we made the technical preview available on World, we have received invaluable feedback and requests from the World community members who participated in our early adaption program. We'd like to share some of the very useful and inspirational blog posts that have been published by developers around the world to give you an overview of the feedback, various evaluations and ideas .

Alexander Haneng, EVMP, Making Waves, Norway

The start of a new era

How to define properties in EPiServer 7 - A quick reference

There is already an open DataReader associated with this Command which must be closed first

How to create a Page Type in code for EPiServer CMS 7

How to create a simple Block Type in EPiServer CMS 7

How to develop EPiServer 7 sites that are easy to use for editors

How to define Page Types in EPiServer 7 - A quick reference

New EPiServer 7 intermediate build - The good, the bad and the ugly

How to define default values for pages and blocks in EPiServer CMS 7

Joel Abrahamsson, EMVP, independent consultant

EPiServer CMS 7 content pages and blocks

Working programmatically with local blocks in EPiServer 7

Anders G. Nordby, Making Waves

A first look at EPiServer 7

Andy Welch, Cubeworks

EPiServer 7 feature review

Daniel Berg, EMVP, Sogeti Sverige

Creating a rest data store in EPiServer 7 preview

Securing the ASP.Net Web API

The name model does not exist in the current context

ASP.Net MVC 4 output cache with EPiServer 7 preview

Stefan Forsberg, EMVP, Valtech


Container support

On structuremapdependencyresolver

An adaptable content repository

Editordescriptor UI type and wrapper type

David Knipe, EMVP, Possible (former Fortune Cookie)

Comparing PageTypeBuilder and EPiServer 7 Preview typed pages part 1 (3)

Comparing PageTypeBuilder and EPiServer 7 Preview typed pages part 2 (3)

Comparing PageTypeBuilder and EPiServer 7 Preview typed pages part 3 (3)

Using validation attributes

IValidator interface

Anton Kallenberg, Sogeti Sverige

Creating blocks in EPiServer 7 Preview


Oct 24, 2012 01:00 PM

Great set of links, I have also posted a few articles here

And I am working on a code library to enhance episerver 7 behaviour which I will blog about soon.

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