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EPiServer 7.5 – update 2

This is the second iterative update for EPiServer 7.5. The update contains finalized work items as listed below, and is available in the EPiServer NuGet feed. All updates are cumulative meaning that the latest update always include previous updates. All platform updates are supported and we strongly recommend that ongoing projects are kept up to date. See below for updating instructions.

Changes included in EPiServer 7.5 update 2

Bug fix Area Title Package Version
92903 \Commerce\Payment gateways [Datacash] Should not show Create Refund dialog when exchange with same amount EPiServer.Commerce 7.5.409
108918 \Commerce\Admin UI Import CSV: Inconsistent status in New catalog UI after import CSV EPiServer.Commerce  7.5.409
108937 \Commerce\Admin UI Creating an entry with non ASCII characters works incorrectly EPiServer.Commerce  7.5.409
108940 \Commerce Possible to create meta fields with same name as "system property" EPiServer.Commerce  7.5.409
108959 \Commerce\eCommerce Framework Fail to import catalog to the package that has specific culture EPiServer.Commerce  7.5.409
108997 \Commerce\eCommerce Framework FindProviderExtensions.GetField will throw wrong exception if locale isn't null EPiServer.Commerce  7.5.409
109120 \Commerce\Payment gateways DataCash: Return Error when exchange item EPiServer.Commerce  7.5.409
109129 \Framework\Shell AllowedTypes attribute does not prevent adding wrong types when editing using the on page edit overlay EPiServer.Framework  7.5.409
109154 \Commerce\eCommerce Framework XslTemplateProvider fails as it cannot serialize a PurchaseOrder EPiServer.Commerce  7.5.409
109155 \CMO\Campaign Monitor Wrong page url in conversion path report EPiServer.CMO  7.5.409
109170 \Commerce Commerce nuget package on T3 contains Mediachase.ConsoleManager.dll and Mediachase.WebConsoleLib.dll EPiServer.Commerce  7.5.409
109180 \Commerce\Admin UI Admin UI overwrites existing Codes, Commerce Manager does not EPiServer.Commerce  7.5.409
109267 \Find Indexing null-attachments EPiServer.Find  7.5.409

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