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EPiServer Commerce Arrives!

I am proud to announce the official launch of EPiServer Commerce. EPiServer Commerce is a powerful commerce platform targeted at professional organizations who need to be smart about their online sales investment and also want to take into consideration plans for expansion. EPiServer Commerce provides a common platform on which you can change and grow in accordance with your business needs. EPiServer is the only platform on the market today designed to support content, commerce and community.

With EPiServer Commerce and EPiServer CMS 6 you get a future-proof e-commerce framework and a best-of-breed content management solution, this combination makes it simple and quick to maintain, update and enhance your online presence.

» Download EPiServer Commerce (registration on EPiServer World required)

» Download EPiServer Commerce Sample Package (registration on EPiServer World required)

Rich Functionality - Reducing Costs

EPiServer Commerce provides all the functionality you will need for a complete ecommerce solution from more simple to advanced solutions. Some of the distinguishable features include a highly flexible product catalog, SEO support and powerful Marketing and Promotion features. 

Due to its openness and flexibility, the EPiServer platform offers the modules you need today and allows you to add tommorows functionality.

» Read more about the functionality in the EPiServer Commerce Product Sheet

Developing a Rich Visitor Experience
Your storefront is developed in EPiServer CMS 6 and provides the best-of-breed functionality. It enables you to create your storefront accroding to your needs producing an engaging online experience for your visitors. 

Commerce Manager Backend System
The EPiServer Commerce backend system, Commerce Manager, contains loosely coupled sub systems for handling your Customers, Orders, Product Catalogs, Assets, Marketing- Promotions, Reports, Configuration and Settings. You can pick and choose the subsystems you need to integrate with your existing systems or you can choose the complete set if you do not have integration requirements.
» Read more in the EPiServer Commerce User Guide

EPiServer OnlineCenter
The Commerce Manager and EPiServer Commerce Gadgets are integrated with the EPiServer OnlineCenter. OnlineCenter makes it easy for businesses to develop and to manage and measure all aspects of their online presence from one central point.

Social Commerce Capabilities
EPiServer Community and EPiServer Relate+ are optional add-ons to the platform that provide a unique social commerce capability along with Web 2.0 features.

Modular and Customizable System
EPiServer Commerce contains a modular system for different payment gateways and shipment methods. Many areas can be customized to fit different customer needs; such as order workflow, a check out process, business controls etc.

Powerful Developer APIs
EPiServer Commerce contains a powerful set of core developer APIs. Integrate with web services to sync and exchange data between databases, subsystems (Catalog etc).
» Read more in the EPiServer Commerce Developer Guide

Learning how to work with EPiServer Commerce
Learn how to work with and how to develop EPiServer Commerce. EPiServer provides scheduled EPiServer Commerce training courses. Read more about the training courses:
» EPiServer Commerce Developer Training Course
» EPiServer Commerce Administrator Training Course


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