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Launch of EPiServer CMO 2.0

We are proud to introduce EPiServer CMO 2.0! The second generation is now been fully integrated with EPiServer CMS 6 and EPiServer OnlineCenter and includes increased functionality to answer the needs of the market by following up the visitors’ behavior with aggregated data and statistics.

This Is EPiServer CMO

EPiServer CMO is the perfect tool where you receive an instant answer on how your campaigns are performing and which landing pages are delivering the best results. You do not need any technical skills and can easily test and analyze the results yourself. It has never been easier to measure your web presence.

EPiServer CMO empowers marketers to test and measure the results of online campaigns. Preferably the campaign can be adapted in real-time to ensure that the desired return of investment is achieved. Most marketers would also agree that testing and monitoring campaigns are often too complex and too hard to fit into their daily marketing workflow. With EPiServer CMO you can easily measure and monitor online campaigns and optimize your landing pages.

The latest version, EPiServer CMO 2.0, not only has more user-friendly user interface and is more robust, but also includes improvements in user experience through increased responsiveness in the user interface. EPiServer CMO is one of the most requested add-on products for EPiServer CMS based solutions and is praised by web editors for facilitating their day-to-day work routines.

The screenshot above shows the KPI summary and the conversion paths report for a campaign in EPiServer CMO 2.0.

The key features of EPiServer CMO are:

  • Campaign management, analysis and statistics
  • Budget and measurement of your online activities
  • Live and real-time visibility of your web visitors
  • Real-time measurement of activities through KPIs
  • Monitoring of the conversion rate against predefined goals
  • A/B testing and analysis
  • Easy export of statistics and test data

New in EPiServer CMO 2.0

The new features of EPiServer CMO are:

  • EPiServer CMO has a new look and feel in the user interface
  • Fully integrated with EPiServer CMS 6 and EPiServer OnlineCenter including new CMO specific gadgets:
    • KPI Summary gadget for monitoring KPI results in your dashboard, which also supports the Mobile Center iPhone/iPad app
    • Campaign Live Monitor gadget for monitoring real-time visitors on your campaign pages
  • Simplified configuration of new Campaigns and LPO tests
  • New Key Performance Indicator types:
    • Downloads KPI monitor downloads of specific files
    • Conversion KPI monitors successful conversions of conversion paths
    • Generic KPI monitors actions from external applications through a new WebService API
  • Support of complex hosting scenarios where CMO is installed in a divided and load balanced environment with EPiServer CMS 6.0

You can watch the following videos for CMO 2.0 on YouTube:

Upgrading to EPiServer CMO 2.0

We have ensured that the upgrade process is as smooth as possible. Your EPiServer CMO 1.1 will be taken to the next level with EPiServer CMO 2.0 through upgrade support of the CMO installer.

Are you interested in EPiServer CMO? Feel free to get in touch by e-mail nospam@localhostsalesnospam@localhost@nospam@localhostepiserver.comnospam@localhost.


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