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Launch of EPiServer SEO for EPiServer CMS 6

The editor´s best friend, EPiServer SEO 1.0 is now available for EPiServer CMS 6. By following easy-to-understand advice, you can improve your Search Engine Rankings in no time. By simply following the advice given to you on page-level, and simply by focusing on your content, you can make a difference that counts in kronor, dollars or pounds.

EPiServer SEO provides an easy and convenient way to let web teams and web developers incorporate best-practices for search engine optimization (SEO) into every relevant aspect of a site. The pay-off is improved rankings in search engines, increased traffic and return on investment for your website. You can check how well the web pages you are working with have been optimized for visitors and search engines even before you publish. Discover click patterns, get non-technical, easy to understand recommendations regarding how you can improve tags, headings or internal linking.

EPiServer SEO supports all the following aspects that are important for optimizing your website:

  • Goals with KPIs: to support your SEO strategy
  • Content quality: advice on how to place your keywords
  • Link reports: to show link popularity and page rank
  • Technical quality: to verify you HTML code from a SEO perspective


Here´s an overview of the on-page SEO features in EPiServer SEO:


 And here’s how to download, configure and install. (EPiServer partners only):

Upgrading to EPiServer SEO 1.0

We have ensured that the upgrade process is as smooth as possible. Are you interested in EPiServer SEO? Feel free to get in touch by e-mail nospam@localhostsalesnospam@localhost@nospam@localhostepiserver.comnospam@localhost.


Oct 18, 2012 12:35 PM

How do I down load this? I am a partner and I have logged in but this takes me to a black (project type) login page which doesnt allow me to login.
Any ideas?

Feb 5, 2013 09:21 AM

I'm logged in, but cannot se the videos. It says "Det här videoklippet är privat".

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