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Media Asset Management for EPiServer CMS

Today we release ImageVault 4 for EPiSever 7 CMS. ImageVault is a media asset management solution and a third party add-on, developed by our partner Meridium. The solution allows both end users and developers on the EPiServer 7 CMS platform to work with media in a more structured and efficient way.

The main news in ImageVault 4 are the new user interface and a new API, both developed with the ambition to make them intuitive and easy to use. Other important features are the ability to give all users in an organization access to the media files, and the pluggable architecture that will make it possible to use ImageVault as the central repository for all media files.

New user interface

The new user interface is designed using the same guiding principles that were used for the EPiServer 7 CMS UI - "Intuitive. Contemporary. Easy." The integration is adapted to the new way of working in EPiServer, with support for drag-and-drop and focus on the on-page editing, since we know that this increases efficiency of marketers working with content. Even though it is a third party solution, ImageVault behaves like an integral part of EPiServer.


Another goal with the new version of ImageVault is to streamline the work for developers by a more modern approach. Hence, the new client libraries includes a LINQ Provider. The API is public, and it was also used to both build the UI and EPiServer CMS integration.

A central repository for media files

The reality is that many companies and organizations have their media files stored in many different systems, which makes it difficult to get a complete and instant overview of the assets. With ImageVault for EPiServer, you can create a central repository for the organization's media files. The new version also supports the possibility to integrate with other storage systems (for instance YouTube and Flickr), which means you do not need to move all your existing files into ImageVault. To ensure that you can quickly take advantage of these possibilities, the "YouTube connector" is shipped together with ImageVault, complete with full source code.


  • Batch upload and organization of assets.
  • Store all types of assets in ImageVault.
  • Organize your assets with categories and metadata (support for embedded metadata, currently EXIF and IPTC).
  • Search assets based on metadata.
  • Preview and automatically convert high-resolution images.
  • Movie clips can be previewed if an external streaming system is integrated with the product. Integration to YouTube is included.
  • Batch download of assets.
  • Set specific user rights on different levels.
  • Support for predefined media formats.
  • Insert and edit assets on EPiServer-based web pages.
  • Crop/zoom.
  • Extend and integrate.

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