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SiteAttention Launches on Add-On Store

EPiServer and SiteAttention A/S are happy to announce today that SiteAttention, the first fully integrated SEO tool for optimizing content on websites, is now available for EPiServer 7 and 7.1 through the Add-On Store. SiteAttention is the first third party Add-On being made available through the Add-On Store, and can be seamlessly installed with a single click.

SiteAttention for EPiServer 7

For those of you who don't know, SiteAttention is packed with incredible SEO features. All tools and features are seamlessly integrated with EPiServer CMS and based on the context of each article. The tool integrates with Google Analytics and automatically provides advice and keyword suggestions based on the actual user interaction through commercial search engines.

SiteAttention contains a number of best SEO practices can be mapped into the EPiServer CMS templates. It gives immediate help, ideas and response to how to improve the content while writing. The SiteAttention Textanalysis function uses the Google PageRank algorithm to give real time analysis of the content and show which search phrase can be optimized for said content and how to improve the article. The powerful keyword analysis feature shows related Search Terms, Search Volume and Competition.

To measure the effects of optimization, the tool integrates with Google Analytics which shows the number of visitors that are generated via the improved organic search, as well as the actual search terms the visitors are using. Users will instantly get feedback on how well the optimization is working, which in turn can inspire the creation and improvement of content.

For more information, please select [Add-Ons] in your EPiServer 7 or 7.1 Dashboard, and then click on [Third-Party Add-ons], or contact us at


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