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EPiServer World: Updates for improved user experience

There are a lot of things happening right now. We’re processing our backlog at a steady pace. Some updates are done in back-end, but the things you may have already noticed are the ones we have released concerning front-end.

New add-ons page

With a larger amount of add-ons, the need for a more structured section page for add-ons was increasing. The solution was grouping the add-ons according to function.

Our hope is that you’ll get a better overview of what we have to offer, and that you’ll find the new add-ons page more easy to use.

Documentation, developer guide – added navigation

The update documentation pages for CMS, Commerce (and Find) were a first step to improve the developer guide. We have now taken the next step and added the page structure on all documentation pages as well. This way, it’s easier for you to navigate between different the different items. 


If you want to read the page in full width, click on “Hide menu” – and the content will use the entire page width. As it was prior to the change.

Stay tuned for next update!
EPiServer Web Team


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