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Updates, fixes – and further development on World

The goal with updating World with new features and new design, is to make it easier to use, easier to collaborate and stay updated, as well more appealing (an ongoing work, with minor changes here and there).

Navigation and news

Blogs and Forum are back in the top menu, since collaboration is of essence for the site. This way, it’s easier to reach those sections on the site.

For those who want updates automatically, we’ve updated the RSS-channels on World.

Access to support

New, more visible, icons directly on the start page makes it easier to reach support information. Support is also back in the top menu for easy access.

New support entrancies - start page

New features for World

We appreciate your ideas of how to improve World. To improve the request process, we’ve created a feature request functionality.

World feature requests

It will be easier for you to see others’ ideas and suggestions, and you can vote for the ones you find most useful. The Web Team will update the state of the features we’re working on, to be as transparent as possible.

And next?

We’ll be adding Team Blogs, and improve forum listings and sorting – according to earlier requests. Next is also an overhaul of the content structure, as well as categorization of content – and the search functionality.

EPiServer Web Team


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