Alexander Haneng
Jun 29, 2011
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Using EPiImage with Page Type Builder (PTB)

I have gotten a few questions about how to use EPiImage with PTB. So in this blog post I thought I would cover the basics.


People have been using EPiImage with PTB almost since the start of EPiImage, but with the new 2.5 version it is even easier.



Adding a EPiImageProperty to a PageType:

[PageTypeProperty(EditCaption = "Main image", Type = typeof(EPiImageProperty))]
public virtual EPiImagePropertyData MainImage
    get; set;


You can access the property directly:

Image url: <%=CurrentPage.MainImage.ImageUrl%>
Image description: <%=CurrentPage.MainImage.ImageDescription%>


Or use it with EPiImageResizer:

<%@ Register TagPrefix="EPiImage" TagName="EPiImageResizer" 
    Src="~/EPiImage/UserControls/EPiImageResizer.ascx" %>
<EPiImage:EPiImageResizer ID="Image" 
    Transformation="ScaleToFit" runat="server" />



Adding a EPiImageGalleryProperty to a PageType:

[PageTypeProperty(EditCaption = "Image gallery", Type = typeof(EPiImageGalleryProperty))]
public virtual EPiImageGalleryImageCollection ImageGallery


You can access the property directly:

foreach (EPiImageGalleryImage Image in CurrentPage.ImageGallery)
  Image Url: <%= Image.ImageURL %><br />
  Link Url: <%= Image.LinkURL %><br />
  Description: <%= Image.Description %><br />


Or using EPiImageGalleryViewer:

<%@ Register TagPrefix="EPiImage" 
<EPiImage:EPiImageGalleryViewer ID="Viewer"
    runat="server" />


Or using EPiImageGalleryGrid:

<%@ Register TagPrefix="EPiImage" 
    Src="~/EPiImage/UserControls/EPiImageGalleryGrid.ascx" %>
<EPiImage:EPiImageGalleryGrid ID="Grid" 
    ThumbnailHeight="150" ThumbnailWidth="150" 
    DescriptionHeight="20" DownloadLinkHeight="20" 
    LinkThumbnailsTo="OriginalImage" runat="server" />


Download EPiImage

For more information about EPiImage and to download the module visit the EPiImage EPiCode page.



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Jun 29, 2011


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