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EPiImage 2.5 Released

The focus in this release have been on adding better Page Type Builder support. EPiImageProperty.Value now returns EPiImagePropertyData and EPiImageGalleryProperty.Value now returns EPiImageGalleryImageCollection.


Adding an EPiImageProperty to a Page Type Builder page

[PageTypeProperty(EditCaption = "Main image", Type = typeof(EPiImageProperty))]
public virtual EPiImagePropertyData MainImage
    get; set;


You can access the property directly:

Image url: <%=CurrentPage.MainImage.ImageUrl%>
Image description: <%=CurrentPage.MainImage.ImageDescription%>


Adding an EPiImageGalleryProperty to a Page Type Builder page

[PageTypeProperty(EditCaption = "Image gallery", Type = typeof(EPiImageGalleryProperty))]
public virtual EPiImageGalleryImageCollection ImageGallery


You can access the property directly:

foreach (EPiImageGalleryImage Image in CurrentPage.ImageGallery)
  Image Url: <%= Image.ImageURL %><br />
  Link Url: <%= Image.LinkURL %><br />
  Description: <%= Image.Description %><br />


You can read more about using EPiImage and PTB together in the blog post Using EPiImage with Page Type Builder (PTB)


Fixed PageLink bug in EPiImageResizer

There was a bug in the EPiImageResizer that would give you an error if you had set the PageLink attribute. It has now been fixed.

So if you have a collection of pages of the type Article that each has an EPiImageProperty called Image, you can list them out like this:


<EPiServer:PageList ID="list" PageLink="<%# CurrentPage.PageLink %>" runat="server">
<EPiServer:Property PropertyName="PageName" ID="name" runat="server" /><br />
<EPiImage:EPiImageResizer ID="image" PropertyName="Image" 
        PageLink="<%# Container.CurrentPage.PageLink %>" runat="server" /><br />



Download EPiImage 2.5

EPiImage 2.5 can be downloaded here:


It is also available on EPiServer Nuget. (Version

For more information about EPiImage visit our EPiCode page.

Aug 23, 2011

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