Published on:Aug 10, 2018
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Welcome Nicola Ayan as new EMVP

Today I have the honor of announcing that the EMVP Board has granted Nicola Ayan EMVP status in recognition of her dedication to - and knowledge sharing with - the Episerver community.

Welcome aboard, Nicola! You are now joining a group of truly awesome developers and digital strategist. All of whom are dedicated, passionate, opinionated and knowledgeable!

Image emvp_gangsters.jpg

You can also learn more about the EMVP Program on If you know someone who should be an EMVP, send a nomination to (EMEA) or (US). The EMVP Board meets once a quarter and evaluates incoming nominations.

Finally, a small personal note: This will be my last EMVP announcement as I am riding off into the sunset at the end of august to explore life outside Episerver. I won't go far though - and if all goes according to plan I'll keep blogging and sharing Episerver knowledge and codebits where I can. It has been an honor and a pleasure working with the EMVP program and I hope I will get many more chances to hang out with this great group! 

Aug 10, 2018

Nicola Ayan
( By Nicola Ayan, 8/10/2018 3:54:33 PM)

Ahhh I feel so honoured to be recognised and hope to live up to expectations! 

Thank you - I'm excited to be part of the group.

P.S. That photo definitely needs more females :)

Henrik Fransas
( By Henrik Fransas, 8/10/2018 5:47:38 PM)

That is so true Nicola!

Welcome to the group!

And Allan, thanks for all that you have done for us EMVP's, it is not for nothing you are uncle Allan to all of us!

Please come back as an EMVP as soon as possible!

Matthew Boniface
( By Matthew Boniface, 8/11/2018 1:04:35 AM)

Congrats Nicola! Good to have more APAC representation 🙂👍

Aria Zanganeh
( By Aria Zanganeh, 8/12/2018 4:34:26 AM)

Welcome Nicola :) very happy ;) 

( 8/13/2018 10:05:16 AM)

Welcome Nicola!

See you soon I hope at a summit near u!

Antti Alasvuo
( By Antti Alasvuo, 8/13/2018 8:49:57 PM)

Welcome and congrats Nicola!

Arild Henrichsen
( By Arild Henrichsen, 8/15/2018 1:19:36 PM)

Congratulations and welcome, Nicola :-)

Pelle Niklasson
( By Pelle Niklasson, 8/16/2018 12:20:02 PM)

Congratulations, Nicola!

Joel Yourstone
( By Joel Yourstone, 8/17/2018 8:21:43 AM)


( 8/17/2018 9:12:30 AM)

Welcome to the fold :p

( By valdis, 8/20/2018 9:55:28 AM)

this is great success! much cool! welcome to the club! :)

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