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Get ImageResizer to play along with EPiServer 7.5

I don’t know about you but I use ImageResizer a lot ( One of the major changes in EPiServer 7.5 is the way media/images are handled and ImageResizer no longer worked for images stored in EPiServer.

In order to fix this, might maybe be other solutions, is to create a plugin to ImageResizer. This is really simple.

public class EPiServerBlobPlugin : IVirtualImageProvider, IPlugin
        public bool FileExists(string virtualPath, System.Collections.Specialized.NameValueCollection queryString)
            EPiServerBlobImage blobImage = this.GetImage(virtualPath);

            return (blobImage != null);

        public IVirtualFile GetFile(string virtualPath, System.Collections.Specialized.NameValueCollection queryString)
            return this.GetImage(virtualPath);

        private EPiServerBlobImage GetImage(string virtualPath)
            ContentRouteHelper routeHelper = ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance<ContentRouteHelper>();
            MediaData mediaData = routeHelper.Content as MediaData;

            if (mediaData == null)
                return null;

            return new EPiServerBlobImage(virtualPath, mediaData);

        public IPlugin Install(global::ImageResizer.Configuration.Config config)

            return this;

        public bool Uninstall(global::ImageResizer.Configuration.Config config)

            return true;

    public class EPiServerBlobImage : IVirtualFile
        private MediaData _mediaData;

        public EPiServerBlobImage(string virtualPath, MediaData mediaData)
            this.VirtualPath = virtualPath;
            this._mediaData = mediaData;

        public Stream Open()
            return this._mediaData.BinaryData.OpenRead();

        public string VirtualPath
            private set;

Register the plugin in resizer config section like so:

        <add name="ImageResizer.EPiServerBlobPlugin" />

Dec 06, 2013

Martin Pickering
( By Martin Pickering, 12/7/2013 4:49:19 PM)

A great Post that I am sure many will find both useful and a relief (I know I am relieved for one) that ImageResizing.Net use in Projects is still possible post EPiServer V7.5.

Without wishing to be or appear critical in any way, I would however advise a little caution in how and when this code is used as there are a number of Use Cases that it does not address:

- Edit Mode URLs of CMS managed Assets will not be recognized by ImageResizing.Net and so certain On-Page Edit Mode views will not reproduce with high fidelity
- the Plugin does not limit its scope to only those assets being managed by CMS and so is checking the Blob Store for any and all image requests received by the host; one might say that is being a little greedy
- by only implementing IVirtualFile (rather than IVirtualFileWithModifiedDate) there is limited co-operation and collaboration between the caching services of ImageResizing.Net and the Asset Management services of EPiServer CMS

Anybody in need of this feature with a little added spice is welcome to get in touch. martin dot pickering at maginus dot com

André Hedberg
( By André Hedberg, 12/9/2013 9:10:35 AM)

No, that is some great feedback and valuable information! However this post wasn't meant to be seen as a fully complete bulletproof implementation. :)

( By adamstewart, 12/13/2013 5:52:08 PM)

Martin, i for one would like to see a more robust solution to this. However, Andre thanks for getting us started on the road to recovery

Tiến Bùi
( By Tiến Bùi, 12/17/2013 3:22:07 AM)

Nice inspection André!

Maris Krivtezs
( By Maris Krivtezs, 1/15/2014 3:13:29 PM)

Here is Martin Pickering's post about same issue:

Joseph Tossell
( By Joseph Tossell, 6/1/2017 12:53:14 PM)

For the sake of anyone looking for an implemetation take a look at: 

and for focal point control from within EPiServer: 

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