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It's all about the editors

My blog will deal with editor related issues, among all the technical stuff. We estimate that there are at least 50,000 editors out there working more or less daily with EPiServer CMS, probably the number is higher. After all, it is very much for them that EPiServer CMS exists.

The luxurious thing about being an EPiServer CMS editor trainer, is that you get to hear all the appraisal! Very often you meet with dedicated editors that have nothing but good things to say about the product - how intuitive it is to work with, how easy it is to get started, the flexibility and all the possibilities.

The only disappointment is when they realize that everything may not be immediately available for them on their site. EPiServer CMS comes with a number of example page templates, and what functionality gets implemented on a Web site depends on what the requirements were and what they have agreed upon with their vendor.

On the advanced EPiServer CMS editor training, we walk through many of the page templates, demonstrating various EPiServer CMS functionality. We look at news items, RSS feeds, site maps, extranets, web forms, discussion forums and document management. The advanced editor training is intended to provide inspiration for editors, helping them to explore functionality and possibilities.

Especially if you are new to Web publishing and EPiServer CMS, this training is particularly useful. If I have succeeded in doing my job as a trainer, editors will return home full of inspiration and with new ideas about how to develop their Web sites. And everytime this happens, it gives me such a kick and really makes my day!

Mar 03, 2008

( 9/21/2010 10:32:16 AM)

Dear Andrea, I wish you good luck on your great odyssey to come /Per
/ Per Andersson

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