Nov 18, 2008
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After noticing that the Folder Browser Property had been release on EPiCode. I though I would share my alternative property type for rendering the list in a drop down menu, that I initially developed when CMS 5 was released.

Custom property:

public class PropertyVPPDirectorySelector : PropertyString
    #region Methods
    public override IPropertyControl CreatePropertyControl()
    return new PropertyVPPDirectorySelectorControl();

Property control:

The code below reflect amendments I made after the release of R2. R2 brought with it VPP entries for ‘Themes’, ‘UI’, ‘Util’ and ‘WebServices’ so I amended the control to only display those VPPs marked to show in the File Manager by default. setting ‘DisplayAll’ to true will return all VPP entries from the web.config. settings ‘DisplayPageFolders’ to true will include the page folders VPP as this is set to not display in the File Manager by default

public class PropertyVPPDirectorySelectorControl : PropertySelectControlBase
    #region Member Variables
    private List<VirtualDirectory> _directories;

    #region Properties
    public List<VirtualDirectory> Directories
            if (_directories == null)
                _directories = new List<VirtualDirectory>();

                VirtualPathElement element = 
EPiServerSection.Instance.VirtualPathSettings; foreach (ProviderSettings provider in element.Providers) { bool visible = false; if (provider.Name.Equals(
Settings.Instance.PageFolderVirtualPathProviderName, StringComparison.InvariantCultureIgnoreCase)) { visible = DisplayPageFolders; } else { if (DisplayAll) { visible = true; } else { bool.TryParse(
out visible); } } if (visible) { string path = provider.Parameters["virtualPath"]; VirtualDirectory directory =
HostingEnvironment.VirtualPathProvider.GetDirectory(path); GetDirectories(_directories, directory); } } _directories.Sort(delegate(VirtualDirectory v1,
VirtualDirectory v2) {
return v1.VirtualPath.CompareTo(v2.VirtualPath); }); } return _directories; } } public bool DisplayAll { get; set; } public bool DisplayPageFolders { get; set; } #endregion #region Constructors public PropertyVPPDirectorySelectorControl() { DisplayAll = false; DisplayPageFolders = false; } public PropertyVPPDirectorySelectorControl(bool displayPageFolders) { DisplayAll = false; DisplayPageFolders = displayPageFolders; } public PropertyVPPDirectorySelectorControl(bool displayAll,
bool displayPageFolders) { DisplayAll = displayAll; DisplayPageFolders = displayPageFolders; } #endregion #region Methods protected void GetDirectories(List<VirtualDirectory> directories,
VirtualDirectory directory) { if (!directories.Contains(directory)) { directories.Add(directory); foreach (VirtualDirectory subdirectory in directory.Directories) { GetDirectories(directories, subdirectory); } } } protected override void SetupEditControls() { DropDownList dropDownListDirectories = EditControl; dropDownListDirectories.Items.Add(string.Empty); foreach (VirtualDirectory directory in Directories) { dropDownListDirectories.Items.Add(directory.VirtualPath); } if (PropertyData != null && !PropertyData.IsNull) { try { dropDownListDirectories.SelectedValue = dropDownListDirectories.Items.FindByValue(
PropertyData.Value.ToString()).Value; }
            catch { /* Do nothing */ }
Nov 18, 2008


Sep 21, 2010 10:32 AM

Nice one Ben. This was just what I was looking for. Skills

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