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EPiServer Commerce Service Pack

We have released Service Pack 2 for Commerce 1 R2, it is now available on World. This release contains a large number of bug fixes for the Commerce product, the installation process and the Enoteca sample site. It also includes five new discount types that e-commerce businesses can start to use for promotions:

  1. Charge Discount For Order Volume by Shipping Type
  2. Charge Discount For Order Volume for Any Shipping Type
  3. Buy SKU from Category X Get Discount Off Shipment
  4. Buy X Get Discount Off Shipment
  5. Fixed Shipping Charge For A Particular Method and Order
  6. Volume

You can read more about the release and the issues that have been fixed here:

Mar 30, 2012

( 4/3/2012 7:36:47 PM)

upgraded my clicktalk and installed a fresh enoteca. woot!

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