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Updated EPiServer Commerce Modules

We have just released updated EPiServer Commerce modules. These modules provide source code for key areas allowing you to quickly integrate to payment providers and customize the business logic of your solution.


Workflow Samples

This package contains the source code for out of the box workflows and the activity library, including:

  • OrderSystemWorkflow – Windows Workflow Sequential Workflows that are used in the website checkout process and the order admin section, including:
    • Cart Prepare
    • Cart Validate
    • Cart Checkout
    • Purchase Order Recalculate
    • Return Form Complete
    • Return Form Recalculate
  • ActivityLibrary – Windows Workflow Activities that are used in the order workflows including: 
    • Cart Activities – Adjust Inventory, Process Handling, Process Payment, Record Promotion Usage and Shipment Split
    • Order Group – Calculate Discounts, Calculate Tax, Calculate Totals, Capture Payment, Check Inventory, Process Shipment, Remove Discounts and Validate Line Items
    • Purchase Order – Calculate Purchase Order Status
    • Return Form – Calculate Exchange Order Status, Calculate Return Form Status, Calculate Return Form Tax, Calculate Return Form Totals and Create Exchange Payment

Catalogue Indexer

This is used when catalog data has been added to the database directly rather through the API or EPiServer. This tool indexes the catalog data into a serialised meta-information column to increase the performance when loading data for display on the web site.


Payment Service Providers

We have developed integration to leading PSPs and have made available the source code of these integrations:

  • DIBS
  • Klarna
  • DataCash
  • PayPal


Solr Search Provider

This sample module includes the source code for the Solr search provider. This can be used to replace the out of the box Lucene search to take advantage of the features and scalability of Solr in your solution.


All of these modules are available for download on World here.


Get in touch with me if you have any feedback.

May 04, 2012

( 5/4/2012 3:25:11 PM)

Good stuff.

Hampus Persson
( By Hampus Persson, 5/8/2012 3:20:28 PM)


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