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David Bowen
Aug 21, 2015
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Commerce Reference Architecture

We have created a new reference architecture to help guide new solution development with best-practice approaches for digital commerce solutions built on our Commerce platform. This includes sample approaches for handling catalog items when marketers drag them into content areas and create editorial experiences.

Called Quicksilver, this is a great starting point to kick start new projects, the solution includes the following features:

  • Streamlined solution allowing you to easily extend and develop on a strong, clean base for EPiServer Commerce
  • Latest MVC architectural approaches and sample unit tests
  • Easy deployment into the EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud environments
  • Modular feature structure allowing features to be picked out of the solution
  • Multi-market implementation with appropriate languages and currencies
  • Sample fashion catalog to demonstrate structure and templates
  • Simple one page checkout process

Download the solution from here -

Please provide feedback on the GitHub solution for any issues or ideas for enhancements.

Aug 21, 2015


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