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David Bowen
Jul 6, 2016
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Campaigns and Promotions out of beta

Our new Campaigns and Promotions features have been developed with customer involvement to ensure we are enabling them to reach their business goals of increasing revenues. In the latest release on our feed we have removed the beta stamp across this areas, allowing all current and new customers to start benefiting from the new capabilities. 

Targeted campaigns and promotions are a great way to increase sales by increasing average order value and units sold, as well as increasing customer loyalty and lifetime value. Marketers and merchandisers can work on campaigns in a collaborative way with other marketers throughout the business; creating, previewing and approving the related customer experience, landing pages and other assets for campaigns.

We have a number of goals with these new features.


Simple User Experience

Our number one objective has been to simplify the job of creating campaigns and promotions. Making it easy for marketers or merchandiser to quickly create the exact discounts they want to offer to a targeted customer base across all regions or targeted to a specific market. Moving away from the common complex rule based configuration, to an easy to understand drag and drop approach that matches a user’s thought process.

We’ve made it easy to create and manage multiple Campaigns across targeted trading markets or other customer groups. Making it easy to manage complex discount priorities and exclusion using a visual drag and drop approach.


Custom Discounts

A number of our customers have unique business models and differentiated offers to their customer base. We have strived to make it super easy to build custom discount and processing approaches to plug into the promotion engine. Allowing you to help businesses maintain their unique marketing campaigns for their customers.

The development of custom discounts is very straightforward using source components as detailed in this blog.


Campaign Features

There are a number of new capabilities and the most common discount types are included out of the box including:

  • Create and manage Campaigns
  • Target Campaigns to specific Visitor Groups
  • Link promotional content to discounts
  • Automatically evaluate customer eligible discounts
  • Percentage or multiple value amount discounts
  • Category, Product, SKU, Bundles or Product selections
  • Order value
  • Shipping costs
  • Free gift selections
  • Buy multiple get free items (cheapest or most expensive)
  • Fixed price selections
  • Multi-buy
  • Promo code eligibility 

More features will be added through our continuous release process. Please get in touch with feedback.

Jul 06, 2016


K Khan
K Khan Jul 8, 2016 10:12 AM

This work will pay off!

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