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Don’t get left behind - Prepare yourself for 2010!

2010 is already looking to be crazy-good for EPiServer Education and I can almost smell the excitement for the future in the air.

So what makes me think this?

Well, we have already filled the course (E2550 - Developing with EPiServer CMS 5) the week running up to Christmas
and have so many people on the waiting list that we have decided to publish a new course occasion, December 16 -18. 
It was like receiving an early Christmas present when I found out that one of our trainers was free to hold the extra course.

Reserve your seat now and you’ll be fit for fight after the Christmas holidays!

Are you perhaps a developer who wants to learn more about Relate+ and developing communities? 
In this case Christmas is coming early to you this year!
We’ve now decided to reduce the price of the course E2350 - Developing with Relate+ (December 17-18) by almost 10%.
So now you can learn all about developing communities with Relate+ for only 9 550 SEK (+ your ordinary partner discount).
Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

You heard what they say about the early bird, right?
Prepare now and be the first to catch the worm in 2010!

Dec 04, 2009

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