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MIX08 DAY 1, Keynote

Starting the MIX08 conference with a great keynote that really set the bar for the rest of the conference. Some cool showof but of course some interesting news about their new web products and their potential. They talked about the releases of Silverlight 2 Beta, Expression Studio 2 Beta, a preview of SQL Server Data Services (SSDS) and of course the new Internet Explorer 8.

Internet Explorer 8 will support:

    1. css 2.1 support
    2. css certification
    3. Performance
    4. HTML 5 start
    5. Developer tool (like the ones, at least I am used to, in FireBug)
    6. Activities
    7. Web slices

Another importent part of IE8 is that it will support "legacy", meaning that you can switch into a "emulate"- mode to view pages written for older browsers.

Here I will show you some pictures and a movie of what you've missed so that you can catch up.

IMG_1712 IMG_1714 IMG_1719

The Silverlightpart of the keynote was about some cool new features in the Beta 1 release.

  • Multilanguage support (Ruby, Python...)
  • WPF UI Framework
  • Robust Networking (SOAP etc.)
  • Integrated Data Support (LINQ)
  • High performance
  • Small download, fast install (do not require .Net framework installed on client)
  • Adaptive Streaming (Configurable in ISS 7)

Now it's time to bet on black ;)


Mar 06, 2008

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