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Module Installation – Dealing with Regrets

If you’re an above average, EPiServer module installer developer you might have experienced writing a custom wizard for retrieving data. When doing so you take on a responsibility to handle cancellation, not only for your own script but for any script that is calling you (“install site with sql database” being one). This is easy to forget… I know from personal experience. The good news is that it is very easy to handle the event of user regrets (canceling your wizard) and here’s how":

In your PS script when calling the Show method on the wizard you need to get capture the return value.

$proceedWithInstall = $wizard.Show()

In order to terminate any active installer transactions you then need to look at the return value and if it’s false, you simply throw an exception to cause active transactions to rollback
if ($proceedWithInstall -eq $false)
throw(New-Object ApplicationException("User cancelled the installation"))

Not doing the above will make the surrounding script (Install site…) complete as if nothing happened.
Jun 15, 2009

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