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Visitor Criteria based on EPiServer Find Statistics

EPiServer Find Statistics are quite useful. Those helps editors to understand the behaviour of web users of their site. Those statistics can be used in other areas of EPiServer also. e.g. I have developed a visitor criteria that offers editors to select a keyword based on the most frequent search by web users during last month. On Search Listing page Editors can select Contents to show related contents for those popular searches.

Find Statistics show most frequent searches on website during last month

Image statistics.JPG

A Visitor Criteria to show specific contents for these terms

Image visitorcriteria.JPG

Search term specific contents

Image SpecificContentForSearches.JPG

Code and a nuget package is available on Github.

Following Configurations will require.

        <searchKeyWordCriteria pattern="([#?&](amp;)?(q|p|Search)=(?<query>[^&]+))" />

I am looking forward for some public functions from EPiserver, so developers could retrieve statistics based on IP/user also. Some great features can be built based on that.

Jun 29, 2015

( 7/16/2015 1:12:56 PM)


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