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Content Approvals on Blocks and Media [Beta]

This feature is being released as a Beta feature in CMS 10.7.0 and is still under development.

You can read more about how you enable Beta features in Fredrik Tjärnberg’s blog post.

Content Approvals has so far been limited to Pages only. This feature brings the Content Approvals on Assets gadgets (Media, Blocks etc.)
After this release the approvals will be available on any IVersionable. Almost every Asset gadget (Episerver provided or third-party) will be effected by this release. 

The main flow of the Approvals on Media and Blocks will be same as on Pages, but there are some differences in terms of where and how editors can configure approval definitions. 

The primary difference is that an Item (an image or a block) inside a ContentFolder will inherit the approval definition from the Folder. That means the editors or admins can't configure an approval definition on individual items.

Approval definitions can't be configured under Local Asset Folder (For this page/block etc.) and its descendants. All those items will inhert the definition from the owner content.

There are some more rules regarding the Moving of folders/items and you can read those in the User guide documentation.


Mar 14, 2017

( By Eric, 3/14/2017 8:25:39 PM)

Lovely :) 

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