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ElencySolutions.MultipleProperty v1.3.3 Released

It seems like I am releasing a new version of this assembly every few weeks at the moment.  The reason for this is I have been using it a lot recently and I keep seeing minor little things I would like to improve Smile.  I think I have sorted everything that was niggling at me now and this may be the last release for some time, unless anybody finds any bugs that need fixing Winking smile


Release Notes

  • When using tabs, the selected tab should now be maintained on post back.  In certain circumstances the selected tab would be reset.
  • Access rights can now be specified for tabs.
  • A few styling tweaks have been made.

For those who are not in the know

This assembly provides a developer with an easy way to build custom properties that are composed of various other properties.  It can also be used to create collections of composite properties.

Some of the things it allows you to easily do but by no means all are briefly summarised below:

  • Create custom properties that comprise of other properties.
  • Create lists of properties
  • As the Multiple property entities make use of PropertyData objects you are able to pretty much have lists within lists.
  • Ability to define minimum and maximum number of entities.
  • Ability to copy the property to another page.
  • Ability to display entity properties in different tabs.
  • Ability to programmatically set property settings.


The assembly is dependent on EPiServer CMS 6 and can be installed from the EPiServer nuget feed or downloaded from codeplex.


The easiest way to get familiar with the assembly is to download the example from codeplex and add and include the files in your alloy tech site.  Very useful documentation can be found on codeplex as well.

The example is dependent on PageTypeBuilder and contains 2 pages types, an image gallery page type and an image galleries page type.

ElencySolutions.MultipleProperty is not a replacement for EPiImage, this example just demonstrates how you could use it to create an image gallery, but you could create anything you like with it Smile.


Pretty Pictures (for those who don’t like reading Winking smile)


Image Gallery

Below are some images showing you what you would see if you used the non list based Image Gallery.






Image Galleries

Below are some pictures showing you what you would see if you used the list of image gallery entities property.





The image below demonstrates how you can make use of the property copying functionality.




As always feedback is greatly appreciated, how many people are actively using this project within there EPiServer 6 solutions?

Also, if you have any suggestions for new features or changes I am happy to hear them.

Just twitter me @croweman or send me an email Smile

Nov 28, 2011

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